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    Ok so i bought my 09 rt today!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! hemi orange for anyone curious.

    Anyways back to the topic,

    I have 2 12 inch l7's from my 300m. HOWEVER, this has 0 gage wiring (HUGE) wich more than likely will cause me to drill. I DO NOT want to drill in this car. WHATSOEVER.

    Im looking for subs that hit hard, sound clean, and do not have 0 gage wiring. Im not sure if jl w6's have 0 gage but thats what im thinking of right now. Id like some opinions!

    Also ive seen a lot of people with really nice custon boxes designed for the side of the trunk. Are people making these or is there somewhere to purchase 1?


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    The Batt is in the trunk. So if you put the amp and subs you should not have to drill..
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    oh wow thats amazing. guess ill be keeping my l7's. Picking up the car in an hour!!!
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    listen to the stereo first, I decided not to put my solobaric in the stock is plenty load if you have at least the mid grade stereo with 300 watt amp.
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