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    Thanx for all the responses. The WS6 T/A was one of my favorites a decade ago. I ve had a few older Challengers and had several exciting street races. One of my fondest memories was when I passed a local County College and had a young kid pull up in a notchback Mustang. I was sitting at a light and he creeps up and starts revving the hell out of his engine and staring me down. He yelled over something about my Slowpar so with open headers and a worked small block that sounded like a 440 I stomped the gas pedal a few times and shook his car like an earthquake. When the light changed I gunned it ripping my back tires loose and he just sat there! I pictured him with jaw on the floor goin 'I GOTTA get me one of them!" and went home and told all his friends how his Mustang smoked an old CAMARO LOL

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    Don't think I have told this before . I had a brand new 71 Challenger R/T 340 . I drove the interstate 40 miles one way to work and back home each day. There were toll gates on this road. Coming home from work one day . As I pulled out of the first toll gate . I could see a State Trooper pulling in . I went over a hill not far from the toll. I floored it till I thought he couldn't get a line of radar on me . Then back down to the 70 mph limit. Went around a curve over another hill . I opened it up to around 140 mph for a mile or two . Then slowed back down . I opened the car up to the 140 a few time's . Till I got to the next toll gate and was ready to get off the toll road. As I was pulling out . I heard a horn blow . It was the trooper in the next lane at the toll . He waved at me . I got off watching in my rear view mirror. He went on. Don't think I'll try that in my new R/T.

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