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    Default Always nice to see a classic Challenger flex its muscles.

    So I was waiting outside my work for my friend the other day, and I look across onto the highway because I hear a titanic VROOOM and I see a red 1970 Challenger R/T with a black stripe and a black top just speed by. It goes back and forth a few times and pulls in the lot once or twice before speeding away. It was sweet. Not the first time I've seen it but still amazing. I actually talked to the owner last time I saw it. Apparently he had bought it along with a GTX and a Pontiac Tempest five or six years ago, all for $2000. They were sitting in a barn. The Challenger looks nearly immaculate. It's an original 440 SixPak. It's obviously been restored. Non-original paint and a new interior I'm pretty sure, but wow. No matter what kind of condition a 1970 E-Body is in, $2000 alone for one is an absolute STEAL.

    I can't wait for my stepdad to get his '71 Convertible out on the road and run it around.

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    Default RE: Always nice to see a classic Challenger flex its muscles.

    [sm=redx.gif] We need photos


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