Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)
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    Default Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    So, last night I showed my wife some pics of old Challengers and some of the concept and spy photos and such...

    She liked them.

    We've both sort of decided that we want to get a muscle car some day, but hadn't really decided on one. After showing her the pictures, she said she likes the old one! Then we looked on eBay and saw some of the prices - yikes!

    I think I can convince her to like the new one. We'll see.

    The problem I have w/ an old car is I don't really have much knowledge regarding repair on cars...I just don't.

    I figure with a new car I wouldn't have to worry about that near as much.

    How much does a nice '70 or '71 or clone for? We're talking at least $30,000 or so, aren't we? I'm not talking one that's totally tricked out - just one that looks nice and is reasonably reliable for an old car.

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    Default RE: Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    I would say the type of Challenger you are looking for is going to be between 20-30K. You can find some cheaper, but may require some or alot of work.

    Pick up a deals on wheels or round up magazines at the store, and they offer numerous of cars for sale. That's what I used to look at before the whole ebay thing.

    If you don't want to work on the car, I would recommend waiting for the new one when it comes out. If not, it doesn't require too much skill to be able to work on cars. The main thing is to do your research and be prepared to work on the car all day. There's a lot of things I don't have a clue on how to repair, but I'm willing to figure it out.

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    Default RE: Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    Retro Thunderbird owners were nearly unanimous about wanting cool retro looks with modern amenities, and NO restoration mechanical worries. Working on old cars is a happy persuit, if you have time, money and that kind of thing...

    and boy do I ever!

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    Default RE: Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    Thanks for the response, guys.

    Yeah, that's the thing...I don't think I have the passion/desire to do all the work it takes. It's probably a good thing I didn't buy a DeLorean I had my eyes on...ah that's another story.

    Like I said, I think can convince my wife to go with a new one.

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    Default RE: Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    I personally would recommend just getting a new one. The cost might be cheaper for an older one, but it will not be as fast for that price (unless you drop in a more powerful engine after market or modify what is already in there), it will more than likely need a lot of repairs (those get old and expensive very quickly), it will more than likely use a lot more fuel, have fewer current day luxuries (if that is something that you value), etc. A new Challenger looks so much like the classic that I think it is the wiser choice.
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    Default RE: Price for a decent old one? (vs. new)

    The new Challenger is going to be the best bet for a driver. Handles better, stops better, accelerates better... for the most part. More reliable and comfortable. Only those who like the zin affect of working on your own car, would I suggest get the older version. The new is all the Challenger could be and improved on that. Now there are versions of the old Challenger that will stomp a mud hole in the new Challenger in all catagories. The kits out there that will allow awsome suspension and braking. Engines that have over 800 HP and everything from an automatic overdrive to a 5 & 6 speed manual. Just how much money you want to spend? But for your wife and yourself to drive with reliability and carefree driving, I would get the 5.7 with a paddle shift auto. Lots of power and looks too. Or go with the R/T 6.1. Who knows maybe an SRT-8 6.4. Just have to look at what you want it to do and remember your wife will be driving it also.

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