Saleen supercharger
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    Default Saleen supercharger

    45% power increase for both 5.7 and 6.1!!! yabba dabba dooo

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    yep it is going to be sick!

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    Now that is what I am talking about! Power and Bling!! I do hope the price is reasonable and that this will be an acceptable unit for daily use over the long haul. I would hate to put that sort of cash down and then have to work the bottom end because of too much power or unreliability. I know Saleen has a good rep for strong cars but still in all I have seen concerns about the 6.1 not being strong enough at the the bottom end to support over 560ish hp.

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    Its nice to know it is available I might want to make a Snake River Canyon jump or something.Does it come with parachute?
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    Its nice to know it is available I might want to make a Snake River Canyon jump or something.Does it come with parachute?
    I didnt even see the parachute option... [&o]
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    so i called up SMS to find out what was good with the superchargers

    they are set to come out the first week of october.
    i forget how much exactly it was like 7-10k for the kit??

    uh, thats all i remember. i was alittle hung over when i called.
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    I think I mentioned before that SMS will ship a complete supercharger and installation kit to your door for $6,500 through the end of January. After that the price goes back up to $6,900. The 570 car that SMS offers has haunted me for some reason. Then I realized that it has been re-designed to look like a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner. Cool car.
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    I just called and talked to this company, the price is $7500 shipped. They said the special was for dec for $6900. For $6500 I was interested, but $7500 is too much.

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    I love the profile pic of the car, I specially like the functioning hood butterfly intakes, very clean and well designed car. Simply put "Impressive" styling
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    I do like the "Road Runner-ish" front end!
    That said, Mr. Saleen must have a thing for 1967 Chevrolets.
    The hood vents on his Challenger look like a '67 Chevelle SS.
    The hood scoop on his Mustang looks like a '67 Corvette 427 (L88 if I remember correct?).
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