Advice on buying a 1971 Challenger

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    Default Advice on buying a 1971 Challenger

    I have the opportunity of buying a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. It's almost compleat but needs a full interior and exterior restoration. However, the engine is not the original, it's a 383 from a 1963 Chrysler Newport. There's a posibility of getting a 440 engine from a 1967-68 Chrysler Imperial.

    I have several questions: A Challenger without the original engine (the drivetrain is also not the original) is still worth something? How much? Is the Newport engine similar to the one used in the Challenger? (I guess not since there is an 8 year gap). Is the 440 engine from the Imperial the same as the one used in the Challenger?

    They are asking 4.5k for the car with the 383 engine. With the 440 I guess would be a bit more, perhaps 5.5k. I live in Peru, outside the US and it's not easy to get a Challenger. Please advice!

    Also there will be a 1970 Challenger available, fully restored and with matching numbers for around 13k. But I guess I will have to restore it again. I've seen the work of those guys and it is very bad. Whichone is a better buy?




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