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1973 Dodge Challenger

Drivetrain Specs

Drivetrain Specifications:

Braking systems:
The Standard base model Challengers came with 10 X 2.5 inch drum brakes in the front and rear.
Optional front vented disc brakes were still available, but this option now featured one piece rotors, which measured 10.75 inches with single piston, floating, pin type callipers, and these new rotors would not fit older models. When equipped with the front discs, 10 X 2.5 inch rear drums were standard.

Engine Options:

• 318 cubic inch, 2 barrel carb, making 150 bhp
• 340 cubic inch, 4 barrel carb, making 240 bhp

Transmission Options:
All models were equipped with standard A-230 3 speed manual, with the option of the the A-833 4 speed manual or A-727 automatic transmission

Differential Options:
All models came standard with a 8.75 inch housing with 3.23 :1 and 3.55:1 ratios, were the only ratios offered, and an option of "SureGrip" limited slip was available.

Option Packages:
• Light Group (A01), included Ashtray lamp, trunk lamp, glove box lamp, map/courtesy lamp, ignition switch lamp w/time delay, time delay instrument panel floodlight, fender mounted turn signals except the R/T or 340 models, headlight-on reminder buzzer.
• Basic Group (A04), included AM radio (upgrades could be ordered at differential price), power steering, left remote mirror, upgrades could be ordered at differential price, variable speed wipers and electric washers.
• Performance Axle Package (A36), available on cars with 4bbl or multiple carburettors. Included 3.55:1 axle gears with Sure Grip in a 8.75 inch axle, heavy duty cooling and heavy duty suspension.
• Floor Console (C16), two different center consoles were used on manual and automatic cars although they were very similar, and the automatic shift handle was changed to the "T" shaped shifter over the 1970 round shifter.
• Rear Window Defroster (H31), 2dr hardtop models only. Included an electric heater and blower motor mounted under the rear shelf panel and blew up onto the rear window through a duct and vent.
• Air Conditioning (H51), Belt driven R12 freon system, not available on 340 six pack, 440 six pack, or Hemi models.
• Body Sill Mouldings (M25), wide sill mouldings.


1973 Dodge Challenger

Exterior Specs

Exterior Specifications
• Four lenses, paired at opposite sides, with the backup indicators mounted within the center of the inside taillights lenses.

Hoods offered:
Standard flat hood with low rising center molded peak.
• Power Bulge Hood. Contained a raised center section which ran almost the width of the hood towards the rear, containing 2 air vents, with the engine designation on each outer side of the bulge, and a chrome Dodge logo along the front of the bulge, now with the option of the large R/T log on the front.


• Due to more new safety restrictions, the 1973 bumper was revised from the 1972 model. These bumpers were beefier looking, and stuck out away from the body more. Also, rubber pads were placed on the "bumperettes". This new bumper setup was commonly called a "5 mile per hour bumper", and this bumper was designed to yield no damage in a 5 mph impact.

Gas Caps:
Body color, flush mounted filler cap.

Exterior Mirrors:
Standard manually controlled chrome mirror.
Optional chrome or body colored remote controlled "racing mirror".
• Passenger side chrome or body colored manually controlled "racing mirror".

Exterior Striping Offered:
• Rallye cars had "broken" effect stripes leading out of the non-functional fender vents, running down the doors.
• Base models coud be ordered with an accent stripe that ran the length of the body along the upper body contour. This stripe was available in White, Black, Light Bright Blue, Medium Gold, Light Green, and Parchment.

Roofline Options:
Vinyl roof was offered on all hardtops Challengers. The offered vinyl roof colors were black, white, gold, or green.
• A power sunroof (option code M51) was available in conjunction with the vinyl roof, and worked both by a switch or by hand.

"Cooling Ducts":
• The non-functional front fender vent scoops were still present.

Exterior Colors Offered
• Dark Silver (A5)
• Light Blue (B1)
• Super Blue (B3)
• Bright Blue (B5)
• Bright Red (E5)
• Pale Green (F1)
• Light Green (F3)
• Dark Green (F8)
• Parchment (L4)
• Autumn Bronze (K6)
• Hemi Orange (V2)
• Eggshell (W1)
• Black (X9)
• Top Banana (Y1)
• Honey Gold (Y3)
• Golden Haze (Y6)
• Dark Gold (Y9)

Wheel Options: Tire Options:
• Standard steel wheels came one of two ways, painted to match the body color until March of 1971 at which point they were all painted black, with a small "dog dish hubcap" which only covered the lug area; or they came painted black with a full rim cover. The full rim cover came in three styles, a simulated wire wheel (W15), deep dish (W13), or deluxe (W11). On Challengers equipped with a slant six or 318, the stock rim size was 14x5 inch.
• The Chrome Road wheel (option code W23) was one optional wheel, and came in 14x5.5 inch. This was also known as the Magnum 500 wheel.
• The slotted Rallye Wheel (option code W21), which has become one of the most popular "Stock wheels for restroration projects, and they came as 14 X 5.5. They came with a plated center cap, larger than before, and no beauty ring.
• 318ci models came standard with 7.35x14 Firestone tires, and if disc brakes were chosen the Challenger came with F78x14 Goodyears. F70x14 Goodyears were an option, but only with heavy duty suspension.
• 340 models came standard with F78x14 Goodyears, and if disc brakes were chosen the Challenger came with F78x14 Goodyears. F70x14 Goodyears were an option, but only with heavy duty suspension.
• 340 Rallye models came only with F70x14 Goodyears.


1973 Dodge Challenger

Interior Specs

Interior Specifications:

Dashboard Area:
Unlike the 1970 Challenger, the nameplate was now a stick on piece as opposed to being embossed on the dash.
The dash held one center mounted speaker with the AM-mono radio, and if the stereo radio was chosen, it had the center mounted speaker, as well as one mounted in each end of the dashboard.
The dashpad was color coded to match the interior trim color.
Trim colors offered were Black, White, Blue and Dark Green.
Manual transmission cars had a reverse warning light fitted on the dash between the ashtray and glove box.

Gauge Cluster:
The standard cluster had a large 120mph speedometer wth four smaller gauges to the right, with those gauges being fuel, engine temp, alternator and, the clock.
An optional 'Rallye' instrument cluster contained four large equal sized pods. From left to right, they were a 150 mph speedometer, 8,000 rpm tachometer, clock and one pod containing four gauges, being oil pressure, alternator, engine temperature and fuel.

Steering Wheel: Door Panels: Seats:
• The standard steering wheel was the same on all models, and there was no optional wheel offered. The standard wheel was a brushed silver two spoke wheel, with a black grip and center horn button. • The standard door panel was one piece molded plastic, in the interior trim color.
• The option door panel came with the power window option, and included a strip of matching carpet along the bottom and a reflector on the lower end of the door.
• Standard seating consisted of a front and rear bench seat.
• High back bucket seats in the front were optional on all models, and standard in the R/Ts.
• The seats all came standard in vinyl, leather or cloth inserts could no longer be ordered.


1973 Dodge Challenger


This page details nearly all of the specifications and various options offered for the 1973 Dodge Challenger, if you see something that we have excluded, feel free to let us know!

The 1973 Challenger offered two models

Two door hardtop
Rallye two door hardtop
Body Dimensions:

Length: 191.5 inches
Width: 76.5 inches
Height: 51 inches

Weight (Dry Weight, Varies by model and engine chosen):
Two door hardtop, I6 = 2970
Two door hardtop, V8 = 3020

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