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Harleyanne 01-12-2011 01:43 AM

What are your favourite car engines?
Hi everyone,
Just interested to know if you gets a chance to pick three of your favourite engine designs of the past and present, and your ideal car to have said engine in, realistically.

Big Block Chevrolet: The symbol of American power. Big displacement, high compression ratio, amazing torque. Modern drag cars still use the basic design.
Ideal Build: 814ci built nitrous fed motor in a pro mod car, running low 6's. Would look something like this.

Porsche Flat 6 Turbo: Easily one of the best engine families of all time. The 911 has had a flat 6 ever since it came out in 1963, as well as a turbo version since 1974.
Ideal Build: Couldn't make up my mind, so I picked two. Porsche 911 SC Slantnose and the Gemballa Avalanche. A mix of old school and new school.

Toyota 2JZGTE: Those crazy Japanese built a monster out of the Supra. These engines love high boost as well as nitrous and can make well over 1,000hp. A friend of a member of Yuppie Racing just set the fastest Supra in the world record with a [email protected] on a car with a 91(!)mm turbo and a lot of nitrous.
Ideal Build: 800hp pump gas 2JZ Lexus SC300.

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