Mopar Auto Starters??? what's the deal??

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    Default Mopar Auto Starters??? what's the deal??

    SO I finally picked up my mopar autostarter, the dealership I bought it from, doesn't have a great rep for electrical... (first hand knowledge) but the kicker was the dealership I have been using, refuses to install it, I asked why they sell them, and his answer was because we have to... but we don't install them,

    so I'm off to yet another dealership that is willing to install it..... well just the key box, I decided to save some time and money and pre installed all the other components, wow I now know the PITA factor the techs deal with ....

    I figured since some members have them and the past issues that came with them, just wondering if any other issues have come up???
    disappointed.... bought a lemon and all Chrysler did was hand me the strainer to make lemon aid.


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