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    So, after reading through a lot of peoples various experiences with the SRT 6.1L - I was disturbed with the amount of oil showing up in the intake coming from the PCV system. There is one particular picture of a new 6.1L motor with 4k miles on it - with oil all through the intake system. The guy was swapping intakes and the mechanic showed him how much oil had been pulled in to the system, and commented how bad that was - that the oil would build up and cause the valves to fail to seat properly if it continued. There are a number of threads (google for 6.1L srt oil catch can) on people who use oil catch cans and report getting a teaspoon or 2 of oil in the can every oil change on average.

    I've pretty much decided on my first modification will be an oil catch can, you can make your own or order one. I've gone the latter route:


    Given how cheap and easy this is to do, it seems like the a good way to keep a lot of extra oil out of the intake system - which could rob you of performance, and eventually gum up the works.

    I wanted to post there here, since there has been very little discussion of oil catch cans on this forum. Perhaps some folks on this forum have had some experiences they can share as well.

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    Hmmm... hadn"t heard of this issue yet personally. Thanks for binging it up LF... will be interesting to hear what others might know... anyone care to pipe in?
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    Yes, I have read about this on several forums I visit. I have a BT satin finish catch can in my car.

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    Have you read about metal shavings? Look in catch can and see whats in there.Other people have found metal from filter in can and possibly sucked in motor.
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    I have one as well...well worth the money and 30 seconds it takes to put on.

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    I ordered two oil catch cans from http://www.michiganhemiperformance.com/catchcans.htm 1 for my 2008 srt8 challenger and 1 for my buddy with a 2009 srt8 challenger. With only 1000 miles on the car, while changing over to the Mopar CAI noticed oil residue in the throttle body. Have to keep these engines from gumming up, even with 0w40 Mobil 1 synthetic oil. I would think the oil catch can will work whether we have a 2008 or 2009 srt8 6.1 challengers. Some members from other forums have found chrome residue in the bottom of the catch cans when they are being emptied. Is this from the steel wool packing in the top of the canister ? Any comments from the group. Thank you.
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    I will be getting a BT catch can for my SRT. Stay away from the cheaper Razor's Edge oil kit. It is an overpriced piece of junk.

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    BT oil catch can here-1 1/4 tabelspoon at 1100 miles.........

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    Was going to order one but got confused about all the different hoses and options... If you have and SRT with a CAI which options are needed?

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    The BT catch can is the best folks. I have 2, one on the Magnum and one I modded to the wifes van.

    They now have a bracket so we can mount it over on thr pass fender. (Ihavent looked if it will fit on the Challenger yet, but thinking of getting it for the Magnum

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