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Default RE: What is the expected price for the Challenger?


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A charger is a pretty big car..and it's not like im racing. I figured the charger would be one of the more safe cars for a person my age. I'll get one reguardless..

Well, good luck to you. A few words of advice... If you get one, or another other car for that matter, get GAP insurance.
GAP insurance if you do not already know what that is, is simply this...

Say you purchase a Charger for 30K. You take a loan out on it. You total it.. There you are owing a ton of money on it because book value will not be enough to pay the loan off. GAP insurance will cover you. What amount is left over after book value, GAP will cover it leaving you even.

Here is another tid bit.... I am sure you have seen on the news the funny car that went out of control doing a burn out killing 6 injuring 20 plus?? This guy is a pro. He lost it. Just FYI.

Another IMPORTANT piece of advice... whatever you get, a real bad mistake is to go with minimum coverage insurance like Geico or Safe Auto. Saving a few dollars on premiums to make it affordable is cool until you have an accident and find yourself hitting a car that costs 50K and your liability is only good for 20K.

There is a whole host of important decisions that go along with a hot car you are wanting besides getting the keys and driving it.

What do mom and dad think about it?

Thats the cheap part of it, now lets talk about the other persons medical bills!
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