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Default RE: too much?

from what im hearing, this car is going to be miserable for street use. im running a 4.56 spool with a 3500 stall, and even that is a bit much, but for track use, it is excellent. im running a built 727 with the stock gear set...many of the 904s have a lower gear set, which will make your first gear even worse.

with a 5000 stall (which im going to guess is an 8 or 9 inch convertor?), the car is going to get AWFUL mileage, and with that much stall, the trans is going to run very hot. the more heat that you put into the trans, the less life youre going to get out of it. im running in the low 12s, trapping in the 108 range with a 3500 stall and 4.56 gears, and in the quarter, im around 6700rpm coming through the top end.

the 5000 rpm TC is not really made for street use, and i would NOT recommend it.
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