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The thing that really annoys me about unions are the mob-like behavior they have. In my hometown area, there are union and non-union operations that will do home construction and so forth and the non-union work is less expensive and better quality. The problem though is when the unions get upset and start sabatoging things. There are cases where they have come in and torn up the work that was being done to people's houses by the unions for not hiring union work. If these people would spend half as much time working instead of trying to make life miserable for everyone else who doesn't want their shotty workmanship and lack of effort for a premium price, people would have no problem wanting to hire them.

The other thing I really don't like about unions is the effect that it has on the way people interact in the towns. Most of the cliques developed in my hometown was based on the whole union thing. It gives people another stupid reason to be nasty to each other. My family was not liked because we had nothing to do with unions (even if we wanted to we couldn't as my father's job is not a field that has any need for unions). The area where I currently live in is a union free area and people are way nicer. You also don't hear about vandalism happening between different construction competitors.
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