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Default RE: Song's name that I can't figure out

ORIGINAL: DamnSkippy

Yeah...knew it was the Hollies, but oh for about 15 years never questioned what I "knew" to be a ccr song....I think I even argued with someone about it once...

OK, here's one for you, only group to have a top 10 song on us Billboards in 3 decades? (for the record I had to refresh my memory, wasn't sure if it was #1 or top I had to cheat....just a little! )

Well that song is a bit CCR-ish, I could see why one might think they did it. As far as your other question... you might have me on that one, I've never paid much attention to the Billboard charts.

BUT... speaking of Billboard charts, here's an interesting fact: What do the Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix have in common?

Each one only had one song enter the Billboard Charts (Grateful Dead with Touch of Grey and Hendrix with All Along the Watchtower). That makes them... technically speaking... one hit wonders.
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