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Default RE: reverse problem

I don't know off too many people rebuilding shifters. Brewers of course is tops.

Are you sure it's adjusted properly?

Do you know how to set the center of the shift patterns by sticking the hex key or some type of small shaft through the center of the shifter keys to make sure they are all alighned when everything is in neutral?

If they are all aligned in the center and your linkage is properly adjusted, it should work OK.

If the exhaust is in the right place, it shouldn't really hit that. Do you have the correct linkage? The reverse rod has a bid curve in it, almost shaped like a "J".

I've actually seen guys who had the reverse rod on upside-down so it scraped the road.

When you get over into the reverse gate, does it feel sloppy? If it's tight feeling at the handle, I'd say it's just adjustment time.

But if you are confident that the rebuild will fix it, I can't think of anyone better than Wayne at Brewer's to help.

Good Luck.

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