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Default RE: Dodge chasing Ford in police cars

It's inevitable. Ford is going to lose the police market eventually. They are going to have to retire the Crown Vic Police Interceptor on the Panther platform sooner or later. The Grand Marquie is no longer going to be produced on the Panther platform after 2010 and I doubt they will continue to make the Lincoln Town Car in its current form for that much longer either. When they switch platfoms, they will lose the market. The only reason why the police still use the Crown Vic is because they can interchange parts between models which helps them save money since they can just take a door from a scrapped 1992 Crown Vic to replace a damaged door on a new one. Once they change, this advantage will be gone. My theory is the sooner the better. Ford needs to stop depending on flawed technology routing back to the 70s, with engine and transmission technology that wasn't competitive back in the 90s, that hasn't changed its appearance since the 90s.
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