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Default Case for AWD

Okay, recently I've been thinking alot about AWD. I currently have been forced to deal with bad weather over and over again and I have been able to get through it because my car has FWD. Now, the problem that I have with RWD is that I remember back in the 80s when my parents had RWD cars and it took them an hour to get out of our 100 yard driveway because it has an ever so slight incline (looking at it though, you wouldn't be able to notice). I also remember how impossible it was to get around in it no matter what we did. I remember how wonderful it was when we got FWD and we were able to resolve an issue that previously took an hour down to a couple minuets at max.

Now, even though I plan on either having a FWD car or 4WD truck or SUV for my daily driver and keeping the Challenger for nice occasions, I also have to acknowledge that freak incidences happen and I might have to drive the Challenger that I will have in the snow and ice. When this happens, I really don't want to end up totaling my car because RWD does not work in the snow and ice. I know some of you will say "FWD and AWD/4WD turns good drivers into bad drivers," but I tend to disagree with this thought because it doesn't really address the problem or provide an actual solution just dismisses the problem, besides how can it make someone a worse driver when the car can't actually get anywhere in the first place.

I also think the Challenger has a case to get AWD for the sake of performance. The fastest accelerating of all the current SRT-8s is the only one that actually has an AWD system, which interestingly is the heaviest, the Grand Cherokee SRT-8. Now given, it does have a lower speed axle ratio, the AWD system is what really makes the difference. Some of the best performance cars in the world offer AWD (Lambos).

To conclude my thoughts on this suggestion, I think an AWD system should be offered optional on all the engine levels the AWD can handle. What are your thoughts?
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