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Default RE: Future Collectibility Rant

I think the reason why that it is this way is that mainstream people have moved away from wanting performance cars that look good and look for other cars instead. The Civic sadly has taken over the position as the youth's dream car (and I'll never understand why partly because I don't want to understand why[:'(]). The Camaro and Firebird were dropped due to lack of popularity at the end of their run. Mid-sized coupes are now becoming an endangered speice (pardon my spelling) with the G6 being the last domestic one. Many people have left cars in favor of SUVs, "Crossovers," trucks, and other more expensive, fuel thirsty segments over cars because of reasons of safety, preference of the ride of these vehicles over cars, and so forth.

I think that the top of the line versions will be the ones that are valuable down the road. I also think a few flops will become valuable down the road. I expect that the Magnum will become worth a lot down the road, Neon SRT-4s as they didn't have a very long run, possibly the Crossfire SRT-6s as they did not have a long run, 2nd gen AWD Eagle Talons, Stealths, Vipers naturally, Shelby models, etc.
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