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I was just thinking about AWD today. When I was driving in the snow and slush all day. Then I saw a Charger with the AWD emblem on the left side of the trunk lid. I watched as he took off from the stoplight while I was still spinning my FWD wheels. I began to wonder if the Challenger will have that option with the RTS. I looked on the Dodge website the Charger RT has it for an option. I'm thinking about getting AWD on the Challenger if its available.
That's why I suggested this. Originally they did not offer AWD on the Charger, but they quickly changed their minds and decided to offer it. I remember that the one major objection I had towards the Charger was that I wanted AWD because of the bad experiences I have had with RWD, when I heard they were going to offer AWD on the Charger, I was more open to it (this was before I knew about the Challenger). Now I would like them to give the Challenger the same treatment.
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