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True that Jeremiah! My daily car is front wheel drive and serves me well in snow/rain whatever. My Chally will come out when there's no salt on the roads and hopefully no rain in the air.

But....with that said, they should offer the SXTs' (what ever designation they use for it) Challengers with it, as these would be more inclined to be daily drivers and AWD is a practical power train option.

RLSH700, keep in mind the Beamers are RWD and they use there glorified ABS Traction Control (to maintain and possibly even ECS) to control slippage and handling in less than optimal conditions. Of course with this said, I've never really understood how apply breaks when you can't get traction enough to start the vehicle will help it over AWD, but I guess it's a faith thing.

Do the Charger SRT's come with ECS? If so, is it over-ridable?

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