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The thing is my parents used pretty much the same type of tires on both their FWD and RWD vehicles and we were able to get through the snow in FWD and would get nowhere with RWD. This is why I'm concerned about having RWD.

The thing is I'm not sure why people have an objection to the Challenger having AWD. AWD actually helps the performance and is being used on more performance cars for a good reason. With the fact that cars are getting more and more powerful, it is harder to control them when all the power is coming from just two simple tires. I see this as more than just a practical use standpoint, I also see it as an improvement for performance.

I don't plan on taking it out into the ice and snow, but where I live it can come unexpectantly. Some of you are fortunate enough that you won't be as likely to be caught off guard by bad weather because of where you live, but up here it can happen at anytime during the winter without warning.

I remember my aunt having a similar system as what BMW makes in her Mercedes SL500 and it was worthless. She had no control and no traction at all.
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