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Default RE: Chrysler Group Delivers More Technology to the Masses

Some of these ideas I think should be used on more than just the models they are used on. I can't figure out why the heated and cooled cup holders are only being used on the mid-sized cars. I think this should be available on all Chrysler models as that is certainly a luxury item. The 6-speed transmissions are something that I think they should be using as a mainstream offering and not an exclusive offering as the competition is using those in more than just their best offerings now. I don't see how the 4.7L that really doesn't offer anything new to the industry belongs on this list, though I will say that the improvement is significant and it is pretty impressive. The fuel saver mode display is nice. Shortly after the break started, I went test driving and drove a 300C and thought it was fun to see when the MDS was in effect.
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