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Default RE: What will the transmission be?

ORIGINAL: Jeremiah 29:11

Is it possible this could be true?

Here is a quote from another website I saw:


"My cousin is an exhaust engineer for DC. They told all employees this:

SRT8 Challenger w/ the 5 speed tiptronic auto trans will be released in 2008.

SRT8 and RT Challengers will be available in 2009 w/ optional 6 speed manuals."
It's self-expainatory. The 5-speed is obviously going to be the Mercedes A580 transmission since it is used in the LX platform. The only other transmission they have is the 545RFE transmission, and they are not using that in any cars so far. The 6-speed manual will probably be the T-56 Tremec since that transmission is used by their competitors.

Patrick, hasn't it occured to you that they are not letting information out because they don't want GM and Ford to know what they are up to and making so then they can't make their cars with superior outputs? If they let their information out, GM and Ford will up their models. They want to be the best by offering the best. I'm not surprised by this and I don't expect them to tell me.
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