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Default 2008 Cuda?

It is rumored that a 2008 'Chrysler Cuda Concept' is getting ready for the January Auto Show. My Uncle works for Dodge and he said that a few Cuda concepts were designed at the same time the Challenger was. Now this has me thinking. The Challenger Concept is basically production ready. A Cuda, If it looks like the one above, Would be production ready too. And we could have a new Cuda and a Challenger come out in 2008. It seems very logical to me, Since the 70-74 Cuda and Challenger were very similar. And DCX knows how popular the Challenger concept is. And the original Cuda is far more popular than the Challenger, So I'm guessing it is very likely we will see a new Cuda very Soon. Although not a 'Plymouth Cuda', but a Chrysler Cuda. What are you're thoughts?

I think it is real. I E mailed Dodge About the Cuda Concept. And here is my response from Dr. Z

We are pleased to read of your interest in the Chrysler Cuda concept
vehicle. At this time, DaimlerChrysler has not released any plans that
indicate the future production of the Chrysler Cuda. If built, The Chrysler
Cuda concept vehicle would be built on the same platform as the
upcoming 2008 Dodge Challenger, and would be production ready
around the same time. We encourage you to stay in touch with the website as well as your local Chrysler dealerships for
future product updates.
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