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Default RE: Skip shift eliminator for TR6060 trans?

I emailed [email protected] a few days ago ( with that same question. They don't have a skip shift eliminator yet for the 09 Challenger, at least they had 'no idea, but it does fit 92-06 Viper'. They also said 'they suspect the same EPA requirement to the 08 Viper makes the 09 Challenger difficult to defeat'.

I don't think this will be a big deal. When I finally get my R/T, I will go under and find the wires leading into the tranny solenoid, take a digital voltmeter and measure the resistance (I've read on other forums that resistance is like 2.2K ohms). Then I'll hurtle to the Radio Shack and pick up the resistors to match, wire them in, and see if it works. If anybody knows more about this skip shifter bypass, please post.
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