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Default RE: ESP/BAS Disable Test.


Need a guinea pig here.

While driving your car, slowly, with the engine running and in gear, turn the ignition key to START. Most modern cars have starter cutouts with the engine running, so you shouldnt have to worry about that. The desired effect here is, your radio should turn off ,can turn it back on again, and your ESP/BAS should be fully disabled allowing you to roast that new rubber you got. Your ESP/BAS can be re-enabled by simply power cycling your car.

This method works on the Charger. Trying to see if it works the same on the Challenger. Please do not attempt this if youre worried about it wrecking something...because I havent heard of it being done on the Challenger yet. Post here if you do try it tho!

There are many many pages of posts discussing this method here ESB Disable key style
Works for my 2009 Challenger R/T with 6 spd. I just tried it. You need to remove the keyless-go starter button and insert the key into the dash in it's place. While driving over 10 MPH, turn the key to the starting position (as soon as you do this, the radio will turn off) then hold it there for a few seconds until the ESP/BAS warning indicator light comes on in the dash.

Then the real fun begins!!!
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