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Red face Which Differential Do I Have?

OK let's start with, I have an R/T with Auto and 20" rims. From everything I've been reading on this and other forums, plus and Motortrend I'm not sure what happened to my car. Everyone seems to agree that the R/t Auto w/20" rims came with the 3.92 open rear end. Manuals got the 3.92 Posi (limited slip, anti-spin, whatever) and the Auto w/18" rims got the 3.06 open rear end. Hope I'm right so far??? Now please tell me why my car when doing burn outs and power stands, dry or wet pavement (even burnout box) I leave behind two smoking tracks on the ground? I've been a mechanic for some 28 years and I used to drag race. Now in my book this would tell me that someone has a posi/limited slip read end. If I'm not crazy then how might this have happened. No I'm not complaining just confused. In addition it makes no difference if the ESP is on or off, or if I'm in drive or 1st. Of course with the ESP on the burnout is limited but it does try. Any ideas on this one???
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