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I'm not sure what exactly to recommend. The underlying issue is this. You have already had problems with the GM offering and I would tend to believe that if you have numerous problems with the same part, it would probably still be a problem in a newer one as they still use the same transmission. Now, the new ones have a 6-speed, but I believe that it used the same transmission as the template.

I have trouble recommending any Ford truck simply on the foundation of not trusting the Modular engine for serious work. An old boss of mine had a 03 F-150 King Ranch and I was with him when the engine block cracked and blew at 87K. Later his superior and I had a conversation and he had the same problem with an Expedition at 150K. Now the one way around that is with the Excursion with the Diesel, but even that has problems.

There really isn't a good option is the truth. I wouldn't want a Toyota due to the fact that the older ones would be underpowered and also has an OHC engine. The same goes for the Nissan Armada/Infiniti Q56.

In terms of trusting the powertrain, I would tend to trust the Durango the most. The 545RFE has a much better reputation than the ones it replaced and I trust the Hemi. Is there a reason why a Durango wouldn't work?
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