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Default The Premium fuel myth

Okay, I have had it up to my eyeballs with this ridiculous myth that the press constantly wants to inject everytime I turn around on how to cut corners. They constantly do these ignorant stories that imply that any fuel besides regular is unnecessary. They will make claims that because it is only recommended, it is therefore unnecessary. The flaw in their logic is that this depends a lot on engine electronics being able to 100% of the time cover for this. The problem I have with this myth is I have seen numerous situations where engines on more recent cars where mid-grade and premium were merely recommended, had the engines detonate. Although I'm sure if the proper grade of fuel isn't available regular will do, constantly filling it with the lower grade fuel is taking a risk. I have found that despite the recommended claim that engines that recommended more than regular would knock and ping if it did not have the proper grade. Your thoughts?
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