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Default Dead Forum?--I don't think so-BUT.

I've only been on this site for awhile,but I already interacted with some really great people. In MY opinion though I believe the economy has affected who is able to buy a challenger--how much we have to spend on upgrades---how much time we have to spend IN & ON the cars themselves which leds to HOW much we talk about most topics on this site. I also believe that there are too many members who try to be POLITICALLY CORRECT --I'm not one of them.The Gov't -- EPA -- Ralph Nader and others put an end to the Challenger and performance cars in 1974--if you don't see this happening again--your BLIND.We can't make our own people responsible for their actions (wefare,heathcare,child support,crimes) but we can save the World by taxing our carbon footprint.If you love cars and motorsports-----this current political environment DEMONIZES YOU!! Do you feel guilty for driving a perfomance car---I DON'T
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