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You're welcome Russell--I haven't installed the new 3.55 gear in the spare housing yet.I've been working on the engine compartment,but it is my next project. The Drag Strip here opens in about a month---my buddy has a 2010 camaro ss 6speed. We are going to race heads up---I will lose--but--I will have some REAL numbers to share from BOTH cars--not BLOG numbers--then when I install the gears we will see the REAL results. I may still lose,maybe not--but either way I will post the results. The times will seem slow due to the fact our track is at 5000 ft--but they will be real.My 1970 Cuda runs 11.90s here which may not seem that fast for a street car--but the corrected index for Super Street 10.90--is 11.56 here.
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