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Default Goodies for Super Dodge

Well. Now that i can drive my truck, I've been realizing stuff that could be better. I could use a chip, exhaust and intake, as the thing gets 10 mpg, is slower than our Yukon XL, and is starting to get a rattle in the exhaust. But those cost mucho bucks that i don't want to drop. One thing that i want to spend some money on is a remote start. I've been looking at Viper systems, and they look pretty reliable. I'm also looking into Advent. Any suggestions? All i need is a Keyless entry and Remote Start, no security system.

The one thing i could see with interfering with this is my Mopar aftermarket keyless entry. I don't want to have two key fobs dangling on my keys. So, can you just buy the system and then reprogram the keyless entry to the car?

And the other thing i'd like is HID headlights. I don't care about Hi beams, i have a buddy with HID's on his truck and never uses his Hi Beams. It looks like a conversion kit for the lights is about $50-80. Anyone have experience with conversion kits?
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