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Default My new hobbie

Well, it has been around a year since I've been on here, but I'm trying to get back into putting some time into the forum. Mostly in the last year, I've been busy with work (I've been to Dallas & San Antonio TX, Detroit MI, Cincinnati & Columbus OH, Oklahoma City OK), due to the shakiness of the economy I have not purchased a Challenger so I had to find more affordable source of thrills and found it through rollercoasters during my trips.

I have thus far been to Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Kings Island, Six Flags St. Louis, Worlds of Fun, and Holiday World. The question is where to go next. I tend to be one of the rare people who likes harshness of Arrow Dynamics Rollercoasters as they tend not to sacrifice the raw effects of directional changes for "smoothness" and if you know what you are doing, you can avoid the head banging.

On my list, I have two parks that are on my youth bucket list, the legendary Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Although Cedar Point does not have as many looping Arrows beyond the standard Corkscrew, I am intrigued by riding the original Hyper Coaster (a coaster that is over 200 ft tall) which is an arrow. I am actually more intrigued by Six Flags Magic Mountain as they have the last of the three Arrow 7 loopers (co-incidently the most intense) and the only 4th Dimensional Arrow (unless you count the one in China & Japan which was made by the company who bought Arrow), but I don't know it is much farther away and no disrespect to the LA area, but LA is simply a little too busy for my taste. Any one have any suggestions of other parks I should consider given my taste, please let me know.

Any one else have any hobbies they have recently picked up?
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