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    Default removal of Dash

    Can someone guide me on how to remove the Dash carefully, I need to Harwire my Radar Detector and I dont see how to remove the Dash with out messing something out. I couldnt find it in any past thread so if someone knows the secret please help.

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    Default RE: removal of Dash

    It all starts in the center if you want power.

    The carbon, or chrome ring around the sound system is snapped into place. Reach down as low as you can and pry the bottom corner loose. This will make the rest easy. The radio is held in with 4 screws, and all wires (heat, esp, etc) will unplug. It may be hard to undo the bottom corner with just fingers, so I would wrap some black take around the end of a short flat head screwdriver and use it to get started.
    Good luck
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    Default RE: removal of Dash

    The only guide I've found so far is a dual microphone mirror wiring kit pdf file. It somewhat explains with drawn pictures how to remove the trim bezel around the radio and how to get access to the power outlet in the center console. It's about a 1.6Mb PDF file.
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