How-to: Create your Photo Gallery!
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    Default How-to: Create your Photo Gallery!

    To get to the Photo Gallery, find the link at the top of the forum page right under the advertisement spot.


    Click on the link named "Member Gallery" on the left side of the page next to the photo.


    Here, you will see all of our members photo galleries. Next to the sort box to the upper right, click the button "Add Album".


    Name your album and add a description if you would like. Make sure you highlight the dot to allow others to view your album, and click ok.


    Once your album has been created it will take you back to the main page to view all albums. At this point, if you want to get to your photo gallery from this page to add pictures, simply change the drop down menu in the upper right corner to show Album Creation Date. This will show you the latest albums created. Yours should be the newest one created.


    Click on the album folder.


    You will now be in your photo gallery, but you wont see any pictures or anything. In order to add pictures, you must click the add photo Icon in the upper right corner.


    Once you click this icon, it will take you to a screen that lets you add pictures. It will look like this.


    In order to add photos, click the Browse button next to the blank boxes. It will let you look thru your computer for pictures that you have stored there.


    Highlight the pictures you want and click open. Your screen should now look like this..


    Once you've done that, click ok and you should get this screen. This is your picture and you can put in information about it at this time. Put in the information and click ok.


    Now you should be back in the main area of your gallery. You can continue to add photos by clicking Add Photo in the upper right corner. However, let's say you wish to delete a photo. In the bottom left corner of the gallery will be some text marked Advanced view/Slideshow. By clicking Advanced View, you will now see the option to delete your photo.


    You have just created a photo gallery! In the future, you can access your photo gallery thru your profile or by clicking the little camera icon that will appear beneath your name on the left of every post you make.



    Need help resizing your pictures to make them fit? Here's a quick, easy way if you dont have any photo resizing programs....

    1) Go to
    2) Select option below (25% smaller 75%smaller etc..)
    3) Click chose, and chose the correct image
    4) Click ok
    5) Right click on image after it is loaded and save as (desktop)

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    Default How to Create your Photo Gallery

    that design is simplest one.No includes, no javascript almost, no stylesheets.So you need to edit each file.but I think you can use some special tools like replace in Linux to change the file headers.i.e.

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    Default How to Create your Photo Gallery

    Im just thinking there should be a How-To somewhere so that people know how to do it. On every other forum I am part of, there is a section of your profile or control panel that has options to upload photos into your personal gallery. I just have links in my sig to pages on other forums that hopefully other people can view, but I should probably make a link to them from a thread on here...

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    I like the way you can upload pictures there. However it takes a lot of time to upload pics there.

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