Ok this is not a relative post i just wanted to get yalls insight i have noticed that the R/T heritage /classic models have been relatively quick but the biggest set through that i have noticed is that the Furious Fusia classic edition has been faster than the previous models with little to 0 modifications i have a friend that has a 2010 Fusia challenger bone stock can beat my track pack challenger now this is what gets me his is automatic and mine is a 6-speed manual trany with the super track tires i cant leave the hole as hard as he can nor can my car keep up to his i have added a cool air kit and the new tires yet i still cant keep up hell i cant even get into the 100 miles in the 1/4 mile what i think the problem is, is that the top speed has been reduced because of my 392 gears to his 308 but i also have that crappy hopping issue so that makes it also more difficult to launch i wanna hear what yall are going through so maybe i can get a grasp on if my issue is the hopping or the programming needs to redone sry for the long post