Basic Forum How-to's: Avatars, Pictures, Sigs, & More
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    Default Basic Forum How-to's: Avatars, Pictures, Sigs, & More

    How-to: Adding your Avatar

    How-to: Adding your Signature

    How-to: Create your Photo Gallery

    How to: Creating a Print Screen

    How-to: Post your picture in a post

    How-to: Embed a picture in a post

    If you still need help with something, please message one of our great Moderators or friendly Admin for help.

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    You need to buy hosting and a domain name.

    I recommend one of these:

    Powweb has the best offer right now. It's on a 50% sale - $3.88/month ($46.56/year), and you get a free domain from them. (like

    They include one click install of phpBB forums, so you can create your own forum website very easy. Also, their hosting plan includes a web builder, so you can create your site just by drag and drop (without any programming).

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