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Default RE: Ride that Challenger passion - just for clarification

I am all for freedom of religion, but this all prompts me to play a little "devil's advocate", so to speak.

While I'm sure you are all very strong in your religious convictions (and I personally have no problem with that)... what would you say to someone who came in here extolling the virtues of, say, Hillary Clinton? What if someone were to come in here with the screen name of NancyPelosiRules, and that person were to, every so often, sing the praises of the Democratic Party and how much they really believe in it? Would you not believe that such actions might give some here merited pause?

Would you tell this person that his political beliefs are his OWN and, while he certainly has every right to them, they nonetheless have no place on a message board such as this? Would you not agree that political arguments among some board members could get potentially VERY heated with one espousing such strong political beliefs?

As adults, I'm sure society has taught us that politics... and RELIGION... are the 2 most strongly and passionately debated subjects among fellow human beings. I haven't been on this board very long, but I think I can safely say that not all of us here are Democrats, Republicans or, hard as it may be for some to believe... Christians. Again, let me say that I personally have no problem with anyone with strong Christian beliefs.


To be fair to everyone, if folks here are allowed to espouse their religious beliefs, then you have to allow for other subjects to be discussed or expressed - and that includes politics. And we all know what a slippery slope political discussions can be, don't we.

The bottom line is that if subjects like politics are not preferred discussions here, I don't think religion should be a preferred discussion either, no matter how innocent or well-intentioned. And I don't say that because I'm anti-religion (or anti-politics, for that matter). I'm saying this out of fairness to others.

I'm sorry if this offends some of you, but I felt it needed to be said.
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