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Default RE: Camaro Goes Hybrid?

ORIGINAL: 1 Bad Mirada
amandas grandfathers 300c got up around 30mpg on a long highway trip...
and... I saw a post somewhere here from a member talking about his 36 mpg Plymouth Horizon... and, I used to have a '93 Geo that got 45 to 50 mpg... and, the '04 Neon I'm currently driving has never gotten less than 32 mpg on a tank of gas, pretty much exclusively 10 mile round trip a day to work and back non-highway miles. Chrysler or any other company just needs to buck up and start working on these types of cars for those mileage minded folks and soon we could be seeing 100 mpg low HP cars. I've read elsewhere that current efficiency of internal combustion gasoline engines in cars is about 15% of the fuel being used as energy, not sure if that's accurate. If it is though, there is a tremendous amount of room for improvement. The "technology" exists... if they build it, people will buy in a heartbeat. Combined Average Fuel Economy for the company goes way up, and the manufacturer can continue making a certain percentage of Muscle Cars and Trucks. Everybody is happy.

Anyone have a solid argument why this isn't already happening?
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