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^ we have all experienced these emails, they tend to use the last pm'd member as the lead off to the next message sent, so it tends to look like either they sent it or a group of members have sent it.

Admins & Mods: RLSH700, and Jeremiah and others (sorry guys if I forgot you), are aware of the issue and have been vigilant with removing these hackers who as I have put it are nothing more than "closet emo geeks dwelling in their mothers basement because they lack social skills to get a REAL life, or get laid"

but they have been looking into other options like minimun posting before user can pm, that should stall alot of these hackers and spambots.

I have this site up on my desktop almost majority of the day and can quickly pick out these users and inform the admins, it's annoying to have these idiots spamming us, but it's bieng looked after.
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