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    Some Challenger owners have complained about their key fobs mysteriously unlocking their trunks or rolling down their windows. A fix was described on another web site. Here it is:

    The FOBIK has a rubber mat with the button graphics on it. If you open your FOBIK, the bottom side of the rubber mat has metal discs called "Snap Domes". The snap domes are what give each button that snap feel when you press it. Each of these snap domes are made of stainless steel, coated in a black carbon paint to give them extra conductivity. When you press the button, the snap dome completes the circuit for that button and the FOBIK transmits.
    The issue is that sometimes a small piece of the carbon coating can break away from the stainless steel and get trapped under the snap dome. Even a very, very small piece of this is enough to create this problem.
    Because the carbon material is very conductive, and it is trapped beneath the snap dome, it can complete the circuit very easily and make the FOBIK transmit. Depending on which button this happens to, this can create a variety of issues.
    If this phenomenon occurs beneath most buttons, the outcome is very predictable but is most annoying when it happens beneath the Unlock button. That can randomly unlock the car, but also can make your windows roll down. Not good if it's raining out.

    The fix is very simple. Just open up the FOBIK, and use a q-tip and wipe both the PCB where the snap domes make contact, and also wipe off the underside of the snap domes. Remove any loose black residue. Once gone, the problem should go away as well. Reply With Quote
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