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    Talking What a ride..

    Hello fellow Challenger junkies,

    I just bought my '09 SRT8 hard top six speed in Hemi Orange...after 150 miles already logged...I'm in love..truly a well balanced cruiser.

    Just a few questions though..have any of you guys noticed small issues like spots behind the gauge cluster? Fit issues of body panels that are a few millimeters off? I think the spots are normal condensation from transport and the fit issues are normal for Dodge.

    What exactly does Dodge mean with no harsh driving for the first 500 miles...I'm so paranoid, I've been keeping her under 3000 rpms the whole time. I'm in six gear going 30 mph most of the time.

    Do any of you guys recommend the 3M clear bra...does it really protect against rock chips and will it damage the paint?

    One last thing...the floor mats. Any good rubber mats that will fit available other than the molded Weathertech ($150)?

    Thanks in advance. This forum is great.


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    The SRT engineers recommend no wide open throttle for the first 500 miles. During this time vary your rpms and don't drive at a constant speed.

    I didn't have the condensation and panel fit problems on my SRT. Others have reported some fit issues with the trunk and rear tail light alignment. Both can be easily adjusted.

    The 3M film does protect the front of the car, but most recommend having it installed by a quality body shop.

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    Do the best you can with the directions given. I just went out and drove it like I would normaly. In fact I drove it a little harder than I should. But with 18000 miles on the clock... this car ROCKS. I have had no problems 0 zilch nada... no not one. This is by no doubt the fastest, funnest, and most reliable car I have owned. I have a 70 Challenger R/T 340 clone, 70 GTX 440-6 pack, 88 TSI and a 91 Stealth R/T. I prefer the 09 Challenger over all these fine cars. I have heard the clear bra will yellow after time. I got mats with mine, but have seen some really nice ones on E-Bay motors. Also its good to take it up the RPM band at a good steady pace and vary the gears you cruise in. Then just beat on it like I do LOL.

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