Researching Nitrous----Next Step
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    Default Researching Nitrous----Next Step

    Hey Challenger Fans, I'm thinking of putting the ZEX 125 shot challenger kit on mine. Even though I like the supercharger or turbo kits....I'm not convinced that the stock bottom ends of our motors will handle the EXTENDED abuse of those kits....I believe the only correct way to supercharge or turbo is to start with a modified crank assembly & forged pistons period. The expense of that plus the cost of the kits are too high for me. It is my belief that 425hp is plenty for the 90% of driving I do...but for the other 10% when I need 500--550hp to race I could flip the switch.

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    I got the 6.1 HEMI Supercharget kit and it worked REALLY well for me!!

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