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    So my brother bought a tent trailer this last year because that's about all their inlaws do and they bought a piece of land to camp on in the middle of the state.

    Now my dad's thinking we should get one. So now the process of decideding what we need begins. There's only 4 of us in the family, we usually like to take dirt bikes or a boat with us camping and we want something used. No way are we borrowing money for something like this. Our grandpa is also going in 50/50 on the price with us.

    A set-in-bed camper would be cool. We'd be able to tow whatever But, they're generally over our trucks payload capacity and are a bit cramped for four people to hang out in. And they're usually cheap but a bit hard to find in the area.

    A tent trailer would be nice, easy to pull, small to store, and get good mileage with em on. But there's no storage space in the thing and have a bathroom that's open to the rest of the room. Plenty of people are selling them on craigslist in the area for very cheap also. $1000-3000

    A bumper pull camper would be better with actual enclosed bathroom and 4 solid walls instead of canvas, but is more to tow. We've found a few campers, and are only a little more than tent trailers. $2000-5000

    A fifth wheel would be great. If we had a 3/4 ton. There are newer, lighter outifits made but most are too pricey for us. And most in the area are just as expensive as older motorhomes. $4000-10000

    A motorhome would be another option. They're a pain to store, but my grandpa has plenty of space to store it. And you have the ability to play around in it and nap or whatever. Our other grandparent's Minnie Winnie has been great. We've been able to switch drivers if my dad needed a nap or whatever. You just have to be quick and have cruise control on. hahaha. many people tell us that it's just a pain to have to drive the beast around, but we haven't had much of a problem in the past. $4000-10000

    Any thoughts? What does anyone tow? What do you like/dislike about it?
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    We have a motorhome as we had a problem with the weight of most trailers that were of a nice size. We have a Lincoln Aviator and the towing capability just wasn't enough for us to stay safe. So we went with a motorhome to meet our needs, and so I cannot speak to which trailer would be the best. We own a 29 ft Winnebago Aspect which is a Class C much like the Minnie Winnie but a bit more upscale. We love it and it sleeps four adults very nicely. It's powered by the Ford V-10 so it has all the power you need to tow a boat or cycle trailer. We originally started out with a cheaper Class A (the brick type) and found you couldn't talk with your passenger...traded it for the Aspect. If I were you I would stay with a Class C as they drive more like a huge van and are easier for most people to drive. Just make sure you checkout the fold down beds to make sure they will actually sleep a full size adult...our Class A's fold down dinette wouldn't. Also, one nice thing about Winniebago's (and some others as well) is that they have fiberglass roofs, not rubber roofs...they are no maintenance and last longer.
    Let me know if you have any questions.....just do your homework.....before buying.
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