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Media..Are you their puppet?

Old 09-01-2008, 06:58 PM
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Default Media..Are you their puppet?

Tonights news did not show Barb and Cindy asking for people to text for hurricane victims.
They did not show the riots in St. Paul.
They did say Sarahs daughter is pregnant and unwed.
Todd got DUI in the 80s.
No one knows about Obamas Cocaine usage.
Using Obamas middle name is dirty politics.
The medias golden boy.
The RNC has been canceled on 3 networks for hurricane coverage.

Oh,one last thing..CUBA voted for change and got Fidel.
This should keep forums busy tonight!
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

Yeah I saw them asking for texts for the hurricane relief..
No riots though... Yep heard about here daughter...
I never heard about Obama's "dabbling"...
Ole' Todd...
What is Obama's middle name???
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

Sarah mentioned her pregger daughter so people would stop the rumers that her newest baby with downs was indeed hers and not her daughters. No one in Alaska knew about the baby until month 7 and she had it one month early. People will talk about anything.
Lets talk about the fact that 90% of Alaska is behind her. When was the last time you saw ANY public office that was held with a 90% rating.

I called her house in Alaska on Friday to say congrats to her and Todd, and got the message.... Called today and its disconnected. They have had the same number for 20 years.
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

I watched ABC's news tonight and they, as I suppose the other networks did, devoted most of their coverage to Gustav. Most of the ABC reporting staff, including the main anchor, was in Louisiana. Having worked in the news media since 1975, I can assure you that when any news organization devotes that many of its resources to an event, most of its coverage is going to concern that story. Unfortunately, due to time constraints for network television or space constraints for newspapers, that means other items have to be left out.

ABC touched on the Sarah Palin story, but in the context of while John McCain said he knew about the daughter's pregnancy, it appeared that his staff didn't, which raised questions about how thorough the vetting process was prior to her selection. Apparently, the local newspapers in Alaska weren't even contacted for their reports on her, which apparently is fairly standard procedure in such cases.

ABC also did a report similar to what they did during the Democratic convention about the lobbying of delegates that's going on during the convention.

There was no mention of the "rioting" in St. Paul on ABC, but having looked at the St. Paul Pioneer-Press web site just now, it didn't sound like that big a deal. There indeed was some violence, broken windows and a bridge was blocked briefly until mounted police broke up the protesters, but it hardly was Chicago '68.
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

My two cents on just one aspect of "Media"

For example the "media" puts on shows like Alli McBeal. Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives and 2 1/2 men. All with disregard for responsible sex, and family values. Don't even start on rap music and BET TV

Unwed, teen pregnancy and abortion are now common sexual norms, with high schools having special programs and families having baby showers etc. Given any opposition to this culture shift from past traditional family value/unmarreid sex, and the Media will blast you as negative in a repressive way.

BUT, the VP nominee has a teenage daughter, or Pres Clinton gets caught in a dalliance, then the media flips WAY over to the right side and is critical of those sex antics as immoral.

Make us a puppet, they try. They play both sides at will and control the amount and style of "in your face" presentation.

Don't even start me onthe gay movement which i see play out in similar fashion.

Maybe this is enough serious talk for our forum, even in off topic.
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

"What is Obama's middle name??? "

Hussein. People like to call him hussein to trash talk him as if his name had anything to do with how well he can run the country.
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

I'm not going to get involved in this topics at this point. I want both sides to make sure you do NOT attack each other. You can attack the politicians as much as you want at this point as they are not members of this site, but make sure you do it tastefully. If things get out of hand pm me and I will take care of it. A little advice which can go to each side, make sure to avoid statements that really have no relevance to the issue at hand as it can weaken your argument.
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Default RE: Media..Are you their puppet?

Me thinks it best to steer away as well... dont have any blood pressure issues I know of at this time and would prefer to keep it that way. I will choose to just browse and take what I can thank you...
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