Will the Challenger be going away?
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    Default Will the Challenger be going away?

    Howdy, the new Challenger's are so friggin sweet. I want one, but I don't have enough for a decent down payment, and the guys at work are acting like all the Challenger's will be disappearing because of what's happened to Chrysler, or that the cost of these cars will go up higher than they already are. Is this true? Will this amazing ride be discontinued? I need to save up for at least another 6 months. Any feedback is appreciated.


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    Hi,and welcome.I honestly don,t think anyone can give a accurate answer to your question. I too want one,but money is not the problem,it is finding the combo I want.Now with Fiat in control,the Challengers future don,t look promising.On the other hand,I think Dodge only had plans to run the Challenger for 3 model years.On the plus side,it would be foolish to scrap all the dies and molds and line prep assy. stuff this early without recouping there investment.But some dumbell pencil pushers don,t give a hoot.

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    At one time they said the Jeep, Dodge Caravan, Trucks, and Challenger would survive but who knows now.
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    most likey the challenger will be gone
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    To Quote Rob Wolf, the editor of "Mopar Collector's Guide":
    "Over the next two years, buy the baddest, fastest, coolest, muscle cars Detroit puts out. By 2011, buy a new Viper, SRT Challenger, SS Camaro, or ZR1 Corvette. My friends, today we're reliving 1969 all over again, and in two years, the party is likely to be over forever. Thanks to Obama's tougher CAFE laws, the day will soon be here when you will only be able to buy the modern version of a 1970s Pinto or Vega."

    Those of you that keep hoping and waiting for the 6.4 Challenger or whatever....do so at your own risk, as it's beginning to look as if the Challenger will go away sooner then any of us had hoped. And the same goes for the Camaro and Corvette...and yes even the Mustang will be "put out to pasture". For me, I plan on driving my Challenger and enjoying it as much as possible before the Government steps in to protect me from myself, and my muscle car.
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    To me, this just makes me value my Challenger more. It is a great car and I will never regret buying it. I hope you can come by in 20 years and still see it parked in the garage with my other cars. Whoever thought that Pontiac would be gone too? The mustang has been built on the same exact platform for about 10 years so it must be a big money maker to fomoco - but they are still selling a lot of them. If I had the money, I would try to save a new Camaro too while they are still available. I will always want a car that gives me a good kick in the seat of the pants when I nail the accelerator.

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    From what I've been able to read & ascertain the Dodge Challenger "will" still be made up to and including the year 2014. Now that's according to the President of Fiat, Europe. Apparently he doesn't want "rock the boat" or make any drastic changes for models already in place and selling (good for him). As of this writing, he's content to let the Challenger to live on until the end of its natural project product lifecycle. Truthfully, he could let it go for at least another year (2015) but, its the following year (2016) that should be on every performance automotive enthusiasts radar. This is the year in which all the CAFE fleet sales requirements enacted by Congress & signed into law by our current sitting President that will go into effect. Basically that means for every performance car they, the car companies continue to sell, the car manufacturers will have to have "X" number of gas miserly, fuel efficient models to offset the gas guzzlers still being made. With the 2011's having yet to make their appearance the good news is you still have time say 3 years or so, to still get one. But after 2014, all bets are off. At that point if Dodge wishes to continue to produce the Challenger it make come at the expense of the Charger or Chrysler 300M. I theorize for just one of these performance car lines to go it will have to come at the expense of the other performance oriented cars expense. From a "practicality" stand point, 4 doors are seen as preferable & marketable to 2 door model cars. Hey, I could be wrong, I hope I am. But look around you, most if not all the majority of cars produced today are 4 door models. These could well be the last days of American performance cars as we know them so if its your intention to get one I say get busy and don't wait to much longer. I can just see Dodge dealers across the country adding huge premiums to the R/t's & SRT8"s on their lots in April, May of 2014 as most people realize the end is in sight. Don't let this be you in this situation, forewarned is forearmed!

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