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  1. Driving Cars Worth . . . Millions
  2. EU approves Cerberus/Chrysler deal
  3. Car and Drivers version of Spied: 2008 Dodge Challenger
  4. Ten All-American Sports Cars
  5. Have you seen the Challenger countdown clock lately?
  6. Improved Gas Mileage
  7. Associated Press story 6-21-07
  8. Mid-Year New Car & Truck Buyers Guide: New Dodge Avenger a mini-Charger
  9. Federal regulators clear Cerberus' purchase of Chrysler
  10. Memo to New Owners: Bring Back Chrysler's Product Mojo
  11. American Dream: We drive the Interceptor, the full-size sedan that could save Ford
  12. Charger news and 6.4L engine for Challenger
  13. Chrysler, Dodge answers your questions!
  14. Chrysler Buyout Hits Snag
  15. Challenger on front of ajc cars
  16. 'Major Announcement' for Busch Series Planned
  17. Nissan Altima enters the two-door market
  18. July 2007 Car & Driver
  19. A decades-old battle will soon re-ignite.
  20. Flexed muscles have car-buying public swooning again
  21. Challenge for new Charger
  22. Two Chrysler design vets plan to retire
  23. Cerberus will own 80.1 percent of the Chrysler Group
  24. Imperial Dreams
  25. Chrysler News
  26. Wouldn't you really rather have a 'super Buick'?
  27. Chrysler lineup for Cruise Nights includes concept cars
  28. Dodge Challenger preproduction body shells caught on camera
  29. Muscle cars come roaring back
  30. Pittsburgh International Auto Show: It's (finally) show time
  31. WTF Moment or Breaking News?
  32. Sporty coupe
  33. Dodge Challenger Engineering Mule Spotted
  34. Models come equipped with new gimmicks
  35. Vancouver International Auto Show opens today
  36. Concepts turn up heat at car show
  37. Car lovers are packing convention center for Dayton Auto Show
  38. Dominic Iannuzzi On Dreaming Of A New Chrysler
  39. Canadian Federal Budget Hammers Gas Guzzlers
  40. Yin and yang
  41. Chrysler plans $597 mln Ontario plant investment
  42. Why the New Dodge Challenger Will Sell
  43. Automobile Magazine picks Dodge Challenger #9
  44. Private equity groups are front-runners in bid for Chrysler
  45. Chrysler workers vote to accept pay cuts
  46. CAW workers approve concessions for Chrysler
  47. Mustang feels Ford woes
  48. Challenger Production Tidbit
  49. Black Pro-Stock Challenger to debut at Detroit Autorama this weekend
  50. Dodge Challenger Concept Car - '08 Hemi Super Stock
  51. Ford looks for life from Mustang
  52. Blackstone Group eyeing DaimlerChrysler
  53. I know this is the equivalent of National Enquirer to real news but real articles have been scarce
  54. Am I paranoid?
  55. From Forbes.com
  56. VW not interested in buying Chrysler Group
  57. Brampton gets a new Challenger
  58. Automaker inhumane
  59. The Challenger will become the fourth LX derivative
  60. Production Dodge Challenger will be unveiled one year from today
  61. Challenger will debut in 2008
  62. Dodge Challenger to call Brampton its home
  63. If Chrysler sells, it's not bad
  64. Chrysler to eliminate 13,000 jobs, including 2,000 in Canada
  65. Chrysler to cut 13,000 jobs, including 2,000 in Canada, close Delaware plant
  66. Muscle Car gives Brampton relief
  67. Jobs at Chrysler in jeopardy
  68. Chrysler muscle car to roar out of Brampton, Ont.
  69. Chrysler muscle car to be built in Brampton
  70. Ontario to become home of the all-new 2008 Dodge Challenger
  71. Chrysler planning big Ontario cutbacks: Hargrove
  72. Chrysler workers 'apprehensive'
  73. Ford will resurrect its Taurus brand
  74. Design Awards For Saab And Alfa Romeo
  75. A Mopar tale in two acts: A lot is riding, literally, on Chrysler's C and D Segment vehicle platform
  76. UPDATE - Finally
  77. Concept Cars Continue to Draw Interest at 9th Annual Michigan International Auto Show
  78. Anything to attract a crowd at Detroit auto show
  79. Dodge didn't pussyfoot around with macho Nitro
  80. Hot Rod Magazine
  81. Detroit's Perception Problem
  82. Jackson sees strong future for collector cars
  83. Crazy Enough For You? Viper Boosted to 600 HP
  84. Detroit sees a future for muscle cars
  85. DaimlerChrysler may build fifth vehicle on 300 platform
  86. Driving the New Dodge Challenger Concept Car
  87. 2006 Dodge Challenger Super Stock Concept
  88. Old but interesting news...see comments on LY platform
  89. The Year in Concept Cars
  90. Stupid error on the HistoryChannel
  91. 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Ė Thunder Road Revisited
  92. A Mustang wagon?!? Say it ain't so
  93. Ford bites Bullitt with fresh 'Stang
  94. Would you buy a used carmaker from these men?
  95. Car-nivorous
  96. 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show - Part 1
  97. The Big Picture Blog: Why the LA Show will rule
  98. Dodge Challenger for 2007: Is that Led Zeppelin I hear?
  99. Nauman: The top 10 `must-sees' at S.F. auto show
  100. New cars, trucks on display at Phoenix auto show
  101. Dodge Challenger Super Stock
  102. Chrysler reveals 2 concepts
  103. Concept Challenger in the press
  104. Auto Buyers Rack Up $34 Billion On Personal Touches
  105. Need For Speed Carbon
  106. Analysis: Why Chrysler's not as bad off as Ford or GM
  107. Chrysler's SEMA freak show out in force
  108. Edmunds.com editors names the 2007 Ford Mustang Most Wanted Convertible
  109. Big Three plan new versions of high-power autos, with a difference
  110. SEMA: Dodge Challenger Super Sport Rocks New 392 Hemi
  111. So that is what SS stands for.
  112. wikipedia
  113. Challenger SS concept unveiled in Las Vegas
  114. 392 HEMI Dodge Challenger Super Stock
  115. Challenger Convertible at SEMA.
  116. Is the Chrysler Group for sale?
  117. Dodge and Chevy changes at NASCAR
  118. With smoking tires, baby boomers are driving the mania for muscle cars
  119. And the Winner is............
  120. Rebirth Of A Muscle Car: Dodge takes the challenge
  121. New versions of muscle cars
  122. Prices for the legendary 'Cuda and Challenger continue to grow higher.
  123. Concepts, Crossovers Turn Toward Future At Auto Show
  124. Tapping Hemi Memories, Chrysler Flexes Muscle Again
  125. Challenger going down under
  126. Baby boomers drive muscle-car madness
  127. Market, outlook, 'revolution' from CEO who knows
  128. Muscle mania with smoking tires, baby boomers are driving demand for muscle cars
  129. New Challenger Badge?
  130. Walter P. Chrysler Museum Unveils Exclusive 1928 Chrysler Model 72 Le Mans Die Cast
  131. Chrysler layoffs loom
  132. New Shelby article
  133. 6.6L Challenger rumors and pricing.
  134. Challenger is not picked for NASCAR
  135. Dodge NASCAR team marketed under Challenger logo
  136. Challenger Article - September 2006
  137. What a magazine said?
  138. Moparís Jones to Appear at Don Schumacher Racingís Open House Event
  139. Chrysler concepts are muscle backed up by outrageousness
  140. Tippin The Scales Concept Cars
  141. Detroit Revs Up with Dream Cruise
  142. Cruise inspires pony car rumble
  143. Challenger vs. Camaro
  144. Let the Muscle Car Wars Begin!!
  145. Consumers to Win All-New Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Sebring and Jeep(R) Wrangler Unlimited in Dream
  146. Camaro vs. Ford vs. Challenger
  147. Challenger to Cruise Woodward Dream Cruise
  148. Challenger takes backseat to Hornet
  149. Dodge Challenger Plant and Camaro news
  150. Big Three put power in new generation of pony cars
  151. They could possibly build the Camaro and Challenger in Ontario
  152. Challenger in Europe.......Not!
  153. The Chevrolet Camaro muscle car will join the Dodge Challenger
  154. Challenger convertible?
  155. Camaro to get green light this week
  156. '08 Spring Release?
  157. Flames and DaimlerChrysler announce partnership
  158. Pick a Challenger: A vintage makeover or a new tribute model
  159. Speed aficionado can't choose favorite between Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger
  160. All New Dodge Challenger to be Built
  161. We Drive Dodge's Challenger
  162. TheCarConnection.com Test Drives the Retro Dodge Challenger
  163. What New Zealand thinks.
  164. Dodge reviving Challenger muscle car for '08
  165. Chrysler Group shows off concepts in downtown Royal Oak to create buzz
  166. Challenger stays true to roots
  167. The Last of the 500HP Muscle Cars? What???
  168. Classic owners enjoying the ride. And what is the price?
  169. What would you like.....$40K for a new car or $140K for an old one?
  170. 3 Plants are fighting it out to make the Challenger?
  171. War and Rumors of Wars
  172. Will the Challenger be a short lived muscle car because of gasoline prices?
  173. Mopar Big Block Party
  174. Which plant will build the Challlenger?
  175. Mopar Muscle article
  176. Autobytel's CarTV Announces Programming Lineup
  177. Dodge rises to a new Challenger
  178. Challenger takes dare
  179. New Mustang, Camaro To Do Battle in Transformers Movie Next Year
  180. G. Chambers Williams III: Challenger set for production
  181. Chrysler's Dodge Challenger to make a comeback
  182. Dodge Challenger is a "Go" Says Chrysler CEO LaSorda
  183. Dodge Challenger Makes a Comeback
  184. Chrysler muscle car making a comeback
  185. New Models: Dodge Challenger: confirmed for production
  186. Brutish Challenger cleared for takeoff
  187. Comments from Motorsports:
  188. Dodge reaffirms its ties to NASCAR
  189. Chrysler to bring back Dodge Challenger model in 2008
  190. Dodge chairman pledges commitment to NASCAR
  191. NASCAR fans meet Dodge's Challenger
  192. 2008 Dodge Challenger is a Go
  193. It's a Go: Dodge Challenger Will Debut in 2008
  194. Chrysler Group President and CEO Tom LaSorda Says Dodge Challenger is a "Go"
  195. Brampton has best chance at new Challenger
  196. It's a Go: Dodge Challenger Will Debut in 2008
  197. Popular concept: Dodge set to revive Challenger
  198. Dodge to resurrect the Challenger
  199. Report: Chrysler to build Dodge Challenger
  200. Dodge Challenger Gets a Green Light
  201. Report: Chrysler to build Dodge Challenger
  203. Dodge to trot out new Challenger
  204. Brampton tipped to build Dodge Challenger
  205. Dodge Challenger back for another spin
  206. Da-GUM! Chrysler To Announce Challenger At Pepsi 400
  207. First Look: Dodge Challenger & Chrysler Imperial
  208. It's Coming
  209. Dodge Challenger approved for production!
  210. Report: Chrysler to build Dodge Challenger
  211. Dodge Challenger's back
  212. Dodge rumble returns
  213. Chrysler to announce plans for new Challenger-WSJ
  214. 2006 Motortrend has a Challenger article
  215. Rear-wheel-drive Impala? Chevy's thinking about it
  216. Chrysler to offer 'Employee Pricing' in July
  217. Chrysler may offer money-back guarantee
  218. The Big Picture: Serious Thinking
  219. Fresh Sebring takes on foes
  220. What do women want?
  221. Exposed to daylight:
  222. Automakers hope love for car equals love for brand
  223. Top 10 muscle-car stars
  224. Chrysler to decide whether to build Challenger by fall, report says
  225. Chipís Challenger
  226. Analysis: Ford's fading future
  227. MoPar madness! Foose "Overhaulin'" Challenger to see production
  228. Chip Foose and Unique Performance Stoke MOPAR Madness with Limited Edition '70 Challenger
  229. Chip Off the Old Block: Foose Resurrects Original Dodge Challenger
  230. Who did the best Retro syling?
  231. IL Insider: Chrysler, Mercedes Products Begin Major Convergence Under Zetsche
  232. We take the wheel of the Dodge Challenger concept car
  233. What really makes a classic car?
  234. Edmunds: Dodge Challenger Not Ready for Production
  235. Challenger: Revived muscle car concept a big hit
  236. Chrysler PR Chief Acknowledges Blogosphere, With the Back of His Hand
  237. IL Insider: Dodge Challenges Reports of Challenger Production