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  1. Hot wheels: Buying a must-have car requires patience, money
  2. 2 non automotive magazines
  3. SRT engineers to answer questions on Dodge Challenger today
  4. Let the Ponycar wars begin!
  5. long list of new magazine finds
  6. Manual for Challenger waits until '09
  7. Chrysler to close California design studio
  8. Camaro is late to the pony party
  9. Goodyear Tires Carry Dodge Challenger SRT8
  10. Pony car classics revived, new muscle for new century
  11. Dodge’s Challenge: Win back America
  12. US trends: A cooling ardour for gas guzzlers
  13. What is the latest accurate news?
  14. Road & Track - April Edition
  15. Car and Driver Article
  16. Camaro's return to be late to race
  17. SCOOP! Pontiac's secret coupe: What the next GTO could have been
  18. Spy Photos: 2008 Dodge Challenger R/T in All Colors
  19. 2 finds
  20. Motor Trend Article
  21. Classic lines, modern touches for new Challenger
  22. Challenger Muscle!
  23. Car and Driver April 2008 - Challenger article
  24. A blast from the past
  25. winding road and more
  26. Dodge Using Journey To Get Buyers Pacifica Could Not
  27. A child's Pony Car education essential
  28. Dodge up to challenge in ponycar wars
  29. Comparison Test, by Proxy: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  30. Muscle Car Enthusiast Jan 08
  31. Head-to-Head Comparison: 2008 Shelby GT500 Mustang vs. 2008 Challenger SRT8
  32. 2009 Dodge Charger
  34. Automotive News 2/11/08
  35. You Tube
  36. 2008 Auto Show (Canadian)
  37. IL Insider: Roush on Track To Launch "Third Brand"
  38. A muscle car for rich retro-geezers
  39. The hottest coupes for 2008
  40. updated lists
  41. Consumers Pick Favorite Vehicles and Exhibit at The Chicago Auto Show
  42. The end of the muscle car, yet again?
  43. Models that must abandon ship
  44. Head-to-Head Comparison: 2008 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  45. The end of the line for muscle cars?
  46. Q&A: Dodge Director Mike Accavitti - Thoughts on NASCAR
  47. S.A. Express-News review
  48. Muscle cars have power to live on
  49. On a roll at the auto showTop honours awarded at the Canadian International Auto Show
  50. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 - First Drive Review
  51. Get your motor runnin’
  52. 2008 Chicago Auto Show: Best in Show
  53. Dodge Challenger - it's not a remake, it's homage
  54. New fuel regulation bill
  55. Dodge sets its sights high with goal of selling 30K Challengers
  56. I musta been brain dead....
  57. Hot rod magazine 3/08
  58. Chrysler unveils Challenger, bets ‘muscle’ image will trump gas fears
  59. Finally, some Challenger headway
  60. strange trunk line
  61. Tasty Morsels on a Limited Menu
  62. Awaited 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Creating a Buzz at Chicago Auto Show
  63. New York Auto Show Preview: Dodge Challenger R/T and V6 Models To Debut
  64. REPORT: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 not sold out, but bring your wallet
  65. Are Muscle Cars Uncool?
  66. 2 new finds
  67. My photos from the Chicago Auto Show
  68. Surprise! Dodge Challenger convertible planned
  69. Any Philadelphia info
  70. Challenger SRT VIDEO!
  71. Dodge Challenger Release Press Kit!!!
  72. Dodge reintroduces iconic Canadian-built Challenger pony car
  73. National business briefs: All eyes on Chicago Auto Show
  74. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Brings Back 70s Powerhouse: Chicago Auto Show Preview
  75. 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 article by Kicking Tires
  76. First Drive: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 article by Motortrend
  77. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 by Automobilemag article
  78. Chicago 2008: It's here - 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  79. Dodge reintroduces Challenger
  80. 2008 Chicago Auto Show: 2008 Dodge Challenger
  81. Dodge Challenger Track Tested ( by edmunds)
  83. Almost Here: Watch the 2008 Challenger Launch LIVE!
  84. New Challenger Interior Pics - Not Good
  85. allpar rules!!!
  86. Dealers use Net to snag specialty car buyers
  87. Chrysler supplier files for bankruptcy
  88. Chicago Auto Show News
  89. The Auto Sleuth
  90. Art on Wheels
  91. Autoweek 2/4/08
  92. From Red Letter Dodge... Hyrdrogen Fuel Cell Technology
  93. More SRT8 Pics
  94. Chrysler Takes Contrarian Road With Muscle Car: Doron Levin
  95. 2 new literature finds
  96. Dodge Challenger Super Stock Drag car
  97. True Blue: #43 Challenger Auction Site Awaiting Bids For Charity
  98. The next next Chevy Camaro
  99. Challenger interior
  100. Challenger interior!!!!
  101. Car and Driver covers let slip the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  102. SRT Breaks Cover - NEW PIX
  103. Challenger page on Dodge Site being updated
  104. Nationwide '09 to see major changes
  105. DodgeChallenger.com in the press
  106. 6,400 2008 SRT8 Challengers to be made
  107. 5 new finds
  108. Muscle Beach Party in a Warmer World
  109. You too can be a critic
  110. 2009 R/T
  111. Finally Pix from the side of the Prod Chally
  112. Dodge Challenger Sold Out - Auto Shows
  113. More rear spy pics
  114. Car Buyers Want Both Power And Efficiency
  115. 2 new finds
  116. My 2008 Challenger idea
  117. Higher Horsepower & Torque for the 5.7L HEMI
  118. 2009 Dodge Ram Preview
  119. Where are they now?
  120. Naked Production Challenger in the Rain
  121. The price of the 2009 R/T and base models will be......
  122. I can't believe I'm the first to post this...
  123. Reality bites
  124. ``Mean' and ``Green' Collide in Detroit: New MyRide.com Polls Gauge Car Buyers'.
  125. Please remove this thread
  126. IL Insider: Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro Convertibles in the Pipeline
  127. New cars for the new year
  128. CES to feature Sync, Link
  129. New Cars for the New Year
  130. Automakers trim unsold inventories
  131. Hot concepts should be produced
  132. Chrysler US sales slip 3 percent in 2007
  133. Dodge Takes Orders for More Than 9,000 Challenger SRT8s in First Month
  134. Hotrod crystal ball percolates with power and prestige
  135. Reasons to Embrace a New Year
  136. High demand expected for Challenger
  137. Chrysler Refutes Reports Its Financial Situation Is Critical
  138. Text of Chrysler, Cerberus Statement
  139. Mistake...wrong category.
  140. How much was paid for one 2008 Challenger?
  141. Dodge replots bullitt
  142. Docket Set for Barrett-Jackson’s Greatest Collector Car Auction Ever
  143. Demand for Challenger could drive price through the roof
  144. Chrysler Poised To Cut Off Orders for 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  145. Challenger to the Mustang
  146. Challenger flexes muscles
  147. 2008 Dodge Challenger Cometh
  148. dodgechallenger.com/forums linked to dodge.com at Yahoo
  149. Detroit Dukes It Out on Streets, Screens
  150. several new finds
  151. Demand for Challenger could drive price through the roof
  152. Dodge offers sneak peak of new production Challenger
  153. Details and Photos: 2008.5 Dodge Challenger
  154. Challenger remake is a cinch to sell
  155. Video: Castiglione and Barrington Pt. 4
  156. Official Photos & Info: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 - Car News
  157. Dodge Challenger going for $20K over sticker
  158. Dodge Swamped With Challenger Orders -- but Hints at Expanding Production
  159. Dodge Cannot Control Dealers as for Pricing but....
  160. New 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 pics
  161. 10K Limited Chally's as Opposed to 5K?
  162. Brits Are Eyeing them Too
  163. Dodge Challenger is the hot new muscle car
  164. Odd? People Seem to Like the Challenger ;-)
  165. Pre-Sales Brochure
  166. Brawn Without Brains: Once Again, Detroit Tries to Move Forward by Looking Backward
  167. What are the Big 3 Thinking Making Muscle?
  168. 2 magazine finds
  169. Press Release
  170. Chrysler sales executive says company will lose US$1B this year
  171. Detroit News 11/30/2007
  172. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 to start under $38,000
  173. Fox News Detroit
  175. Boston Auto Show Is Big, Fresh - and Green
  176. New RED LETTER Release
  177. The Year's Poorest-Performing Cars
  178. Forbes - Chrysler Needs Smart Plan
  179. Video: Castiglione and Barrington Pt. 2
  180. Autoblog thoughts on the Allpar powertrain information
  181. In coupe, a feistier Accord
  182. Consumer Guide Article on 08 Chally
  183. Quick blurb from Big Smoke @ Redletterdodge
  184. 2008 Dodge Challenger: Concept to Production
  185. Suppliers, dealers weigh Chrysler cuts
  186. Mustang Among Featured Cars at LA Show
  187. Chrysler will cut four of its models
  188. updated memorabilia list, also under merchandise
  189. Focus Group
  190. SRT Line to Continue
  191. updated list, deleted old
  192. ABC's "The View" and Dodge Partner for the Official "Caroling for a Caravan" Contest
  193. New Tidbits at Allpar
  194. Chrysler cuts: Tier-twos likely to take the big hit
  195. October numbers: GM looks like the big winner
  196. Only 5000 Challengers First year from edmunds
  197. Do the Brits Know something we don't
  198. Small Reference to Challenger and the Renaissance of Muscle
  199. Dodge Magazine for Dodge owners
  200. Brief Reference to Challenger in SEMA Article
  201. Hot Caliber’s UK plan gets canned; Tyre safety gong for Auto Express; Parking cam’s bird’s eye view
  202. Dodge plans big moves across line
  203. Model cuts not likely to cost jobs
  204. Rumor going 'round work here that two new Challengers were up at Lapeer (MI) dragway this week
  205. Production Car?
  206. Autoweek magazine Oct 22,2007
  207. Modern Muscle on Wheels - CNN
  208. 2008 Dodge Challenger Production Version Scooped Without Camo!
  209. New models fill the lots- Latest trends include sleeker look, amenities
  210. Chrysler Needs Hot Models
  211. Pseudo updates on Redletter Dodge
  212. American 'Speedking' Russ Wicks Sets New World Speed Record
  213. Oldies Can Be Goodies - From Forbes
  214. Second Chally off Production Line On Sale On Ebay
  215. Lutz Offers Details on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
  216. NEW on the Dodge Site!
  217. Big Three to shift into '08 models
  218. Dodge Plans High Profile Charity Auctions for Challenger Launch
  219. Challenger, ENVI Coming from Chrysler
  220. Challenger
  221. NASCAR Busch Series may switch to muscle cars
  222. First three production Dodge Challengers to be auctioned off
  223. Series Formerly Known As Busch to Pony Up
  224. Plug pulled on UK Challenger
  225. Dodge shows softer side in new ad campaign
  226. Dodge.com changes to the Challenger
  227. Challenger dodges rest of planet
  228. Challenger dodges RHD markets
  229. Chrysler confirms Challenger SRT-8
  230. Dodge Challenger not available for Europe
  231. Fuel efficiency worth sacrificing
  232. Car and Driver Oct. 07
  233. Mopar machinations
  234. Classic '70 Dodge Challenger Gets Remake as $176,000 Muscle Car
  235. 2008 Dodge Challenger: behind the concept
  236. Challenger Spy Videos (edmunds)
  237. Mopar collector's guide
  238. MOVED: Chrysler says its interiors will get more attention
  239. Mopar Nationals continue to grow
  240. The New Chrysler - Next 100 Years Manifesto
  241. Premiere Night
  242. Woodward 2032
  243. The New Chrysler Website
  244. Former Home Depot chief Bob Nardelli to be Chrysler's new CEO
  245. Drag Racing the 2008 Dodge Challenger Super Stock Concept
  246. Big changes loom for new Chrysler
  247. Sirius in a Dodge Challenger
  248. Chrysler to Shift Production of 300 Sedan to Canada (Update3)
  249. Nostalgia unplugged
  250. Divorce, German Style: Daimler unloads Chrysler. Now what?